The playground should be an inclusive place for every child. Various types of playground equipment are designed with the purpose of allowing children of all abilities to learn through play. Playground equipment for a special educational needs school should enable children with special needs to develop their health. It should also stimulate their senses and improve their motor skills.

When in a safe environment, children with special needs feel more comfortable experimenting with their imaginary play. They are also more open to socialising.

Playground equipment for a special educational needs school should be carefully thought out and designed to help every child feel valued.


Sensory Playground Equipment For A Special Educational Needs School


There should be more to playgrounds than exercise and physical development. In a special educational needs school, sensory play is just as important as physical play. Children and adults experience the world through their senses.

Sensory activities stimulate a child’s senses and help them to develop the use of their senses. When a child has special needs, their senses are often affected. This means they need extra help and encouragement to be able to learn through their senses.

Sensory play helps to improve cognitive growth and develops motor skills. Sensory playground equipment also encourages a child to engage with their peers.

Tray Activity Table, for example, provides a fun, contained space where children with special needs can explore different materials, textures and objects. Its raised sides mean it’s great for holding other sensory materials such as water or soil.

Similarly, the multi-functional Sliding Lid Sandpit is a great option for sensory play. Sand is a favourite sensory material amongst many children.

Sensory playground equipment for a special educational needs school


Inclusive Playground Equipment For A Special Educational Needs School


We understand that SEN schools support children with an array of special educational needs and disabilities. And the playground should be a safe, inclusive place where all children feel they can join in. The playground of a special educational needs school should include equipment that considers children of all abilities.

For example, a child with mobility issues who cannot enjoy the physical aspects of play such as climbing or running will still be able to have fun with their peers with a Wooden Mud Kitchen.

Or a child who has hearing impairments will be able to develop their communication skills and express their creativity with a Mark Making Trio Board.


Calming Playground Equipment For A Special Educational Needs School


For a child with special needs, the world can often get overwhelming. The playground can be a challenging place for any child, but more so for children with disabilities or learning difficulties. Noises, crowds, sudden changes (including in the weather) and even the emotional distress of others can cause a child to feel incredibly overwhelmed.

It is a good idea to have quiet, calming areas of the playground where the children can go if they are feeling overwhelmed. This may be a Safe Haven Teepee, which offers a great little place to hide away when things get too much.

Similarly, you could have wooden benches in a quieter area of the playground perhaps close to nature. This will give the children a place to sit and feel calm if they are starting to feel uncomfortable on the playground.


Bespoke Playground Equipment For A Special Educational Needs School


Of course, you could always opt for bespoke, tailor-made playground equipment. This is a popular option amongst special educational needs schools as they can have playground equipment tailored to suit wheelchair users or other disabilities.

Here at Discovering Days, we design and manufacture all of our own products. So, if you have an idea of a playground apparatus that will benefit a child with special needs, we can help.

Our bespoke products are all designed and manufactured with safety and usability in mind.

bespoke playground equipment for a special educational needs school



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If you are still struggling with choosing playground equipment for your special educational needs school or nursery, we can help. At Discovering Days, we design, and manufacture quality outdoor playground equipment made out of robust timber.

Our range of playground equipment includes a variety of sensory play equipment as well as playground equipment that encourages inclusivity.

Alternatively, we can design and manufacture the perfect playground equipment for your SEN school with our bespoke option.

You can contact us here for more information or you can call us on 01282 416 755 to discuss any of our products.

Our staff are all fully trained in the design and manufacture of wooden play equipment for children and are experts in understanding what works best in the space you have. We have worked with SEN schools in the past and understand the challenges that come with creating playground equipment for children of all abilities.

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