Sustainable Sources

Sustainable Wooden Playground Equipment 

Here at Discovering Days, we make solid, sturdy wooden playground equipment from sustainable sources. 

Our playground apparatus is suitable for children of all ages in nursery and primary school and can be used as a teaching aid, or just for fun. 

Teaching children about conservation is important, as is protecting our planet for their future. By choosing sustainable timber play equipment, you are leading by example and facilitating meaningful conversations about the importance of forests.

We use timber from sustainable sources, which is primarily Scandinavian Redwood. This fast-growing timber is perfect for making play facilities, as it is malleable, smooth, and long-lasting. Although it is not naturally durable, it accepts treatment well, which makes it very durable. Have a look here to see how we treat the timber to make it durable. 

The sustainability of timber is measured by the length it takes from planting a tree to the time it is ready for felling. By continually replanting trees and cycling the areas for felling; deforestation can be minimal. The benefits of this on the environment and wildlife cannot be underestimated. Scandinavian Redwood can be planted, matured, and felled within 25 years whereas, Oak trees, for example, take around 60 years to reach maturity. 

Whilst Scandinavian Redwood is not the cheapest timber, we feel it is worth the cost. And because our wooden playground equipment is designed and manufactured by Discovering Days you will save money anyway!

Have A Question?

Our timbers are supplied from well-managed environmentally certified sources, which is something we pride ourselves on. If you have questions, we’d be happy to talk to you about it. Get in touch with us to ask us whatever you like!

We have been making play furniture for schools, nurseries, and councils for decades, so we have perfected our techniques and methods.

Have a look at our shop to browse our fantastic range of products.

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