In this blog, we’re going to focus on the benefits of outdoor activity panels. We will highlight how they can encourage stimulating play and showcase the outdoor activity panels we offer at Discovering Days.

When you think of playground equipment, your mind may wander to swing sets and climbing frames. Playground equipment is often considered a way to encourage children to let off steam. A way for children to get some exercise whilst developing motor skills and improving core strength.

But aside from physical development, playground equipment can also be used to stimulate the brain and enhance the sensory system.

Stimulating playground equipment, such as sandpits and outdoor activity panels are beneficial for children of all ages. They are a fantastic addition to any nursery, primary school or special educational needs school.

Stimulating Play With Outdoor Activity Panels

The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) expect school playgrounds to be a place of learning and development. The playground should be a place where children can continue to grow during their free time.

As well as being a place of fun and excitement for children, a playground should also provide a world of development opportunities. Children of all ages and abilities should be able to develop social, emotional, physical and mental skills through outdoor play.

Outdoor activity panels provide stimulating play for children


Outdoor activity panels are stand-alone units that encourage children to use their hands and imagination. They are great for independent play and for developing social skills through group play. Outdoor activity panels encourage children to explore their sense of touch and help children strengthen their fine motor skills.

In addition, outdoor activity panels stimulate the mind. They challenge children to use their problem-solving skills whilst inspiring imaginative play. 

Our Outdoor Activity Panels

Here at Discovering Days, we have a selection of outdoor activity panels, which are excellent for encouraging simulative play.

Water Wall

The Water Wall is a fun activity that encourages children to work together. It features a series of wooden chutes at different levels that deliver water to a container on the ground. The Water Wall is a hands-on activity that aide’s sensory development and can be used as a learning resource.

For example, it can be used to teach children about where our water comes from and why it is important to save water.

Weaving Board

As well as improving fine-motor skills by weaving and tying materials onto the Weaving Board, children will also explore the sense of touch. The use of various fabrics in a selection of sizes and colours makes the weaving board a wonderful place to get creative whilst developing the senses.

Mark Making Trio Board

The Mark Making Trio Board features a dry wipe whiteboard, chalkboard and a clear Perspex board. The three boards are on hinges, meaning you can arrange them in any way you see fit.

Unlike single boards, the Trio Board can be used by numerous children at once and gives children the option of drawing, painting or mark making with chalk.

We know this fantastic Trio Board will become a firm favourite amongst your little learners. Like all our playground equipment, the Mark Making Trio Board is durable and long-lasting.

Discovering Days mark making trio board

Additional Wooden Playground Equipment

Aside from the Mark Making Trio Board, we also have single boards such as the Post Mounted Chalk BoardPost Mounted White BoardWall Mounted Chalk Board and the Outdoor Painting Panel.

As well as outdoor activity panels, we also have other wooden playground equipment that is ideal for creating a stimulating and sensory outdoor play area. These include our stylish Mud Kitchens, our Indoor and Outdoor Activity Tables and our amazing Sand Pits.

Get In Touch

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable wooden playground equipment, we can help. At Discovering Days, we design and manufacture quality outdoor playground equipment including outdoor activity panels.

Our wide range of wooden playground equipment is made with love and care to ensure the utmost safety and durability. We also pride ourselves on meeting all playground equipment safety standards.

You can contact us here for more information or you can call us on 01282 416 755 to discuss any of our products.

Our staff are all fully trained in the design and manufacture of wooden play equipment for children. Plus, we are experts in understanding what works best in the space you have.

We have worked with a range of schools in the past and understand the challenges that come with creating playground equipment for children of all abilities.

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