Children’s Flat Activity Table

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Ideal for sand, mud and water. Includes coloured plastic tray.

Plastic Tray Colour *


Vital Information About The Children’s Activity Table 

  • Suitable for Early Years and Key Stage One 
  • Encourages interaction and sharing
  • Stimulates sensory development
  • Frame made from quality play grade timber
  • Supplied with sturdy plastic tray
  • Ideal for a myriad of uses
  • Delivered fully assembled 
  • No installation required 

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This splendid, multi-functional children’s activity table proves to be an invaluable addition to nurseries, classrooms and children’s play areas time after time after time!

Made from sturdy, play grade treated timber, this useful children’s activity table can be used for a variety of mediums for children to play with. The most popular being sand, water or (our favourite), mud.

Supplied fully assembled and complete with durable plastic tray, children will love getting stuck in to creative play. They will be fascinated by the way water drips and pours, they will marvel at the way sand flows.

The children will love how mud squishes and sticks and squelches every time they are able to get their hands stuck in. Elevating their sense of touch and learning about how different materials feel in their fingers.

Four children can easily fit around our children’s activity table, each having a different experience as they develop their imagination and indulge in creative play, encouraging quizzical minds whilst simultaneously promoting interactive play and developing social skills.

Children will develop their communication skills whilst chattering to their peers about how the sand feels or how cold the water is, (or how warm of course).  They will improve their vocabulary and appreciation of language, whilst having lots of fun, pouring, splashing, sieving and mixing.

This activity table can also be used to examine things such as soil from the garden or a collection of autumn leaves from a morning stroll. It could be used for creating bubble paintings using washing up liquid and food colourings, or it could provide the centre station for children to put their treasure in for a show and tell afternoon.

There are so many options for this great children’s activity table it really is a superb piece of equipment to have, and once you do get this activity table, you will use it again, and again to keep children happy and learning through play. 

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