Tray Activity Table

£149.00 exVAT

Plastic Tray Colour * 


Vital Information about the Tray Activity Table

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Strong, practical and fun
  • Ideal for learning and play
  • No assembly required
  • Some installation required
  • Health and Safety checked
  • Splinter free


Versatile and perfect for kids playing and learning together!

For all sorts of play and activities, this Tray Activity Table is just the ticket. It provides a flexible but contained space where kids can explore different materials, textures and objects.

It’s got raised sides, so it’s perfect for keeping stuff together, such as sensory material like sand, soil or water.

However messy the play gets, and it can get VERY messy, the Tray Activity Table will help keep it in one place, while being fully accessible to the children using it.

It also means if you have them experimenting with things like beads, pipe-cleaners and other small objects, they’re not going to end up getting everywhere.

The tray is also ideal for helping kids explore their creativity through creating miniature worlds of their own.

It’s great for building landscapes and self-contained areas where they feel free to let their imagination run riot.

The Tray Activity Table gives them a ready defined space to work in and helps focus their attention.

It’s also a very social design, allowing and encouraging groups of children to join in and use it at the same time.

Use it as a learning tool, by setting it up with a range of opportunities for play and letting their natural curiosity lead them.

As essential playground equipment for nurseries and schools, this strong, plastic tray comes in a range of colours. You can get even more out of it by using it with our sturdy Tray Activity Table Stand, suitable for indoor or outdoor play.

The Tray Activity Table is safe for kids to use and easy to clean afterwards.

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