Red Nose Day for Comic Relief returns this Friday, and school children, (and hopefully their teachers!), will be thinking of fundraising ideas for schools and nurseries and sporting their Red Noses across the U.K to support this iconic event.

It’s the bi-annual fundraiser that has been around since its launch date in 1988 where, on February 5th,  a whopping £15 Million was raised by comedy legends such as Lenny Henry and the cast of The Young Ones for charitable causes.

Which interestingly, in today’s money would be almost 40 million quid!

The money raised provides much needed initiatives to support some of the most vulnerable children and young people not only in the U.K but around the globe, including promoting positive mental health schemes, better education, sustainable food initiatives and ending poverty.

Discovering Days are proud to support this important fundraising comic event, and we have been racking our brains for some fun ideas for school fundraising that will hopefully inspire you to do your bit without the need to sit in a bath tub of baked beans!

We’ve come up with one or two suggestions, want to find out more? Read on….

Why do Fundraising for Comic Relief? 

The whole point of ideas for fundraising for schools on Red Nose Day is to inspire young people to raise money for Comic Relief who support the most needy and vulnerable children, and hopefully, as comedy is at the source of this amazing organisation, have some fun at the same time.

And as children are at the heart of the charity beneficiaries, it is only natural that children play a massive part in the fund raising that takes place.

By encouraging children and young people to get involved in fundraising ideas for schools you are sending out a clear message to be altruistic and charitable to those less fortunate than ourselves and giving children the chance to be involved helps to foster friendship and understanding.

Furthermore, it will give the young people involved a great sense of personal achievement as they see the benefits to the worthwhile causes that the money goes towards following their fundraising events.

Fundraising Ideas for NurseriesFundraising for Red Nose Day 2019 for blog for Discovering Days

It’s not just schools that can participate in this great comic event. Nurseries can be involved in Red Nose Day too!

Fundraising in a nursery is an opportunity for parents and young children to have a lot of fun together with the hard-working nursery staff aside from the day to day routine.

Sponsored pram pushes always go down well, as do cake sales or what about a variation on the car wash theme where you do a sponsored pram wash? You could do the car wash as well of course, depending on how much energy you have!

There are lots of ideas for fundraising for Red Nose Day in a nursery, getting all the children to wear something red is easy to organise and parents can donate a small amount on the day.

And to make sure it won’t cost parents anything extra if the children don’t have anything red, you could make some red ribbons with any leftover Christmas craft materials and give them to the children in exchange for a small donation to Comic Relief.

You can check out our equipment here for early years learning, including craft tables, kitchens and chalk boards.

Fundraising Ideas for Schools

As the children are older it becomes a little easier to organise bigger events and opens up more options and ideas for you to arrange.

Sponsored events such as walks, runs, car washes and bike rides are always very popular.

You could also hold a baking sale, children love to make their own cakes and decorate them with colourful decorations and sell them to their friends.

Or what about a charity Britain’s Got Talent style show? This would give all the children an opportunity to display their performance skills. You may have some amazing dancers or singers in your midst!

Or as it’s Comic Relief, you may discover the next Billy Conolly or Griff Rhys-Jones amongst your flock, or perhaps a comedy duo to rival French and Saunders. Either way, you can guarantee a lot of fun in the organisation and the performances and you could even involve the parents in this one!

If you are at a relatively small school, this shouldn’t be too difficult and it would be a great way to raise the profile of your facilities amongst parents and carers, building a community spirit that would last way beyond the 15th March.  

We have a wide range of delux hand-crafted wooden toys available for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 which you can view here.  

Red Nose Day Fundraising PacksFunny Red Nose for Fundraising Blog for Red Nose Day for Discovering Days

All of this organisation is extra stuff to do of course for the hard-working teaching staff, but don’t worry, the Comic Relief team have your back and there are loads of Fundraising Packs available with stickers and posters included to get you on your way. Most of the packs are free, but the Red Noses and balloons do incur a charge which goes in to the fundraising pot.

And for those of you who decide to scrap the uniform for a day in exchange for a donation to Red Nose Day 2019 TK Maxx are supporting the event again by selling the designer RND t-shirts and bags with proceeds all going towards the charity.    

Contact us

Okay so we’ve given you some inspiration for fundraising in schools and nurseries for Red Nose Day, now it’s your turn; if you can think of anything fun and interesting that children and young people could be involved in to for raise money, we’d love to hear from you. Or if you are interested in any or our Early Years or Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 beautifully handcrafted wooden toys you can contact us here or call us on 01282 416 755.

In the meantime, don’t forget to order your fundraising pack and pick up your red noses from any of the participating outlets who support this very worthy cause. Happy Red Nose Day!!

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