Well haven’t we had a lovely few weeks recently?

For most schools, the Easter Holidays have already commenced, but that means it’s still a busy time for us here at Discovering Days. Over the last few days, we’ve been out and about in the van, delivering and installing play equipment to schools and nurseries, and all the signs are now there that Spring is here at last. The sun has been shining and the spring bulbs have started to poke through the ground, and now Easter is just around the corner to boot!

We even managed to take our jumpers off at one point. It was positively balmy!

But just because the schools have broken up for the Easter break – and just because offices and businesses are just about to close too for the lovely long bank holiday weekend – it doesn’t mean that anything has changed here at Discovering Days. We’re still just as busy as ever designing, building and installing the best wooden playground equipment in the country.

And, as Easter is only a few days away now, it’s the perfect opportunity to have some fun with the playground equipment you already have installed in your school or nursery garden.

Even if your school or nursery has already broken up for the Easter holidays, then don’t let that put you off! It’s never too late to organise something quickly; in fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to get both children and parents involved and even do a bit of much-needed fundraising too, if you can.

So, here are our top 3 ideas for things you can do this bank holiday weekend, to help you celebrate Easter with your wooden playground equipment from Discovering Days.

  1. Have An Easter Egg Hunt

It’s the traditional Easter staple for all children, isn’t it?! Everyone can remember the joy of taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt as a child, and the more children you can get together to participate, the better your event will be.

This is also a particularly good way to fundraise for your school or nursery, as charging everyone a small entry fee in order to take part is now expected these days. Most parents won’t mind paying a couple of pounds for their child to take part, and they would probably rather donate that to their child’s education than to a local park.

In order to make the event a success, you must remember to buy plenty of small Easter Eggs for hiding all around your playground or play equipment (your playground equipment makes the perfect hiding place, as it has plenty of nooks and crannies!). Most supermarkets now sell smaller, cheaper foil wrapped chocolate eggs, specifically for the purpose of Easter Egg Hunts, so there’s no need to splash out on expensive or large eggs.

If you want to make your egg hunt even more adventurous, then you can add clues in to the mix too, to encourage the children to solve puzzles in order to win eggs. Just remember to make sure that every child who enters goes home with at least one egg, otherwise you will have some very upset and disappointed little ones on your hands!

  1. Have A Spring Outdoor Lesson

Easter is the season of rebirth and new life, when all the countryside is finally coming back into bloom after the long, cold, dark winter months. What’s more, a lot of the Easter curriculum revolves around the season of Spring and the theme of regeneration, hence it’s the perfect opportunity to tie a few strands together and get the children out into the fresh air.

Many of the products made by Discovering Days – such as our Outdoor Classrooms or our specialist Tables and Seating – are the perfect tools to make sure your outdoor lessons are a success. So why leave the children stuck indoors when the weather will be glorious? Instead, get them outside and learning about the Cycle of Life; it will also help you meet those all important Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 targets.

If you’d like some ideas for lessons that can be carried out in the outdoors, then the resources available on Outdoor Classroom Day are well worth a glance over.

  1. Have An Interactive Story

Stories are a big part of the Easter tradition; human beings have been sitting down together at key points throughout the year and sharing oral traditions for millennia, and today should be no different.

Children learn a lot from sharing and telling stories; not simply about the Easter story according to Christianity but also about human nature and human interaction. So, sitting down to read a story together is a great way of both getting children out into the fresh air but also of helping them to learn.

And, if that story can be made interactive thanks to the clever involvement of some Discovering Days play equipment, then even better! For example, our Storytime Chair or Sand Tables are the perfect means of bringing a story to life through play and experiment, so will help you specifically bring the Easter Story to life this weekend for your little ones.

Again, there are lots of resources available online to help you come up with great engaging ideas, but maybe simply setting out a trail of clues to help the children piece together the story of the resurrection of Christ is a good place to start?

Happy Easter From Discovering Days

We hope those have given you some great ideas on how you can get outside and spend quality time with the whole family in the great outdoors this lovely long Easter bank holiday weekend? And, if the weather forecasters can be believed, it’s going to be a warm and mild one too, so there really is no excuse for staying indoors and missing all the beauty of nature coming back to life.

But whatever you are doing this Easter weekend, everyone here at Discovering Days would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter! We hope you have a lovely time – and try not to make yourself sick with all the chocolate!

And if you’d like to know more about what we do here at Discovering Days, or about the quality and safety of our superior wooden products, then you can simply get in touch with us today. You can contact us by phoning 01282 416755 or emailing sales@discoveringdays.co.uk.

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