Boats and Galleons

wooden boats for playgrounds

Galleon on Bark

wooden boats and galleons for playgrounds

Galleon in Field

boats and galleons for playgrounds

Galleon By Buildings

Fantastic Play Value

When it comes to outdoor play equipment, boats and galleons have fantastic play value. They offer the opportunity for both physical and group play.

Children’s playground trends have come and gone over the years, but one theme that never seems to go out of fashion is boats and galleons, which is why we have a range of wooden boats for playgrounds.

Every child, boy or girl, has at some stage dreamt of becoming a pirate, right? The success of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies has seen a whole new generation taking an interest in sailing the seven seas in search of buried treasure and battling with the monsters of the deep blue sea.

Modular Design

Our wooden boats for playgrounds are four metres long with a modular design of back, middle and front. Each of the three sections can be custom made meaning you can choose a design that suits your play area and we will build it for you.

The large size and structure of our boats and galleons allow for groups of children to play together. There’s more than enough room for a pirate crew to battle it out on each boat and galleon!

The rear section of the boats and galleons has a gridded rope section so not only is there a pirate ship to clamber on there is also some climbing involved.

Due to the size and weight, the wooden Boats and Galleons are delivered and installed by us.

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Made with Care

Every one of our boats and galleons is made from sustainable Scandinavian Redwood and the timber is always treated with heat and pressure, instead of harsh chemicals.

This allows the wood to withstand insects, the temperamental British weather, and any over-enthusiastic pirates battling with each other!

Every piece of the Scandinavian Redwood is sanded and smoothed so is the no danger of splinters. We also thoroughly check every inch of the boats and galleons to make sure there aren’t any gaps that could trap any fingers or toes. Or any jagged edges that could cause a tear and damage any clothes.

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