Discovering Days design and manufacture wooden playground equipment and outdoor furniture for nurseries and schools

Our History

Andy, the leading force behind Discovering Days, has been making and supplying playground equipment to local councils and educational fascilities for years. Our team are trusted to design, manufacture, and install safe and fun park equipment all over Britain.

We recently decided that we could offer this service to schools and nurseries. We then set about designing adaptive, hard-wearing, and cost-effective equipment for playgrounds.

Discovering Days design and manufacture playground equipment for schools and nurseries
Discovering Days playground equipment

Wooden Playground Equipment for Nurseries


We understand the pressures being placed on nurseries and day care centres today.

An increase in government funded places and hours has left many providers with a cash deficit, meaning they are having to work harder to attract parents who can pay a premium.

This is why our play equipment is attractive and looks expensive but is reasonably priced.

We purposefully choose our materials to ensure the finished products are hard wearing and will last for generations.

Plus, a lot of our products are customisable, such as this wooden play den, or can be added to over time as funds become available, such as this story teller chair.

Our products are value for money and a great investment for any nursery.

We understand that not all nurseries have the luxury of lots of storage space, so all of our products have been treated so they can be left outside and are resistant to rot for up to 60 years. Read more about how we treat our wood here.

The majority of our products are weighty enough to not need anchoring to the ground. Better yet, our playground equipment arrives fully assembled, so you just need to accept the delivery and you are good to go! And because it is portable, you can bring your playground equipment indoors during the winter months to get all year use from your investment.

What is better to attract parents to the nursery than good looking, eco-friendly, safe, play equipment?

Playground equipment for Schools:

Schools are having their budgets stretched more than ever before. It is vital to attract new pupils to the schools whilst being mindful of the costs.

Investing in solid, fun playground equipment is a great way to spend pupil premium funding in a way that is demonstrable. It benefits all the children and looks attractive.

Wooden playground equipment is a fantastic investment and will last for generations.

Here at Discovering Days, we treat all our products to protect against insect attack, damp, rot, and boisterous children using high pressure, non toxic techniques. This means you can be confident that, unlike plastic play equipment, it will still look great in a decade or more.

Most of our playground furniture and equipment is adaptable and suitable for all ages. For example, these sunflower planter sets can be enjoyed by children from foundation stage through to KS3 as they learn about biology.

Our playground equipment is manufactured right here in the UK – in fact, it is made in our workshop in Burnley! We rigorously safety test all our equipment and comply with EN1176 regulations.

We are 100% confident that our play equipment doesn’t have any gaps large enough for fingers, hair, torsos, or toggles to get caught in.

Plus, because it is so solid, the majority of the playground furniture and toys do not require installation. And if it does, we send the right bit of kit with it so your caretakers don’t have to mess around. We do also offer to come and install it for you. Simply send us an email on to find out more.


There are two ways to pay for your new playground equipment-you can pay online, or you can raise a purchase order.

If you choose to raise a purchase order, simply email to reserve your piece and follow your internal procurement procedures. You will find all the information you need for a purchase order or preferred supplier form on our ‘Purchase Order Details’ page.

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