Gardening with school children couldn’t be easier with the Discovering Days range of solid wood playground planters, including our bench with planters and our standalone planters. In this blog, we’re going to focus on the benefits of gardening for school children.

In 2007, the Royal Horticultural Society launched its Campaign For School Gardening. This project was introduced to inspire and encourage schools across the UK to provide children with gardening opportunities.

The RHS, the UK’s leading gardening charity, believed that school children could enhance their life skills and boost their development through gardening.

Today, more than 26,000 schools are involved in the campaign. The Campaign For School Gardening successfully enriches a school’s curriculum and provides an array of benefits to a wide range of children.

The campaign has proved that gardens make excellent classrooms for children.

Discovering Days bench with planters is ideal for gardening


The Benefits Of Gardening For Children

Aside from being a fun learning experience that gets children out of the classroom and into the great outdoors, gardening boosts development and enhances key skills.

Enhances Key Skills

Gardening is a valuable learning tool that can teach children of all ages a range of life skills. From communication to teamwork, children can learn skills that they will go on to use throughout their life.

Gardening is a very sociable activity and when carried out in schools, it encourages children to work side-by-side and communicate effectively.

Similarly, the process of planting seeds and caring for them as they grow into flowers or plants, which has various steps, will also teach children organisation skills.

Teaches Children About Sustainable Living

Growing fruit and vegetables is an effective way to teach children about sustainable living. Children can gain an understanding of where their food comes from, learn about the importance of organic produce and make their own compost.

Encourages Healthy Eating

For some parents, it can be a real struggle to get their children to eat and enjoy fruit and vegetables. Children are far more likely to eat fruit and vegetable that they have grown themselves rather than shop-bought fruit and veg. Gardening also gives teachers the opportunity to teach children about preparing and cooking food.

The Discovering Days standalone planters are ideal for planting fruit and vegetables.

Improves Development

Gardening is very much a hands-on activity that engages all of the senses. It will encourage children to explore their senses including touch, taste, sight and smell.

In addition, gardening and the use of gardening tools encourage children to use fine motor skills.

Gardening can also be linked to school subjects, such as literacy, numeracy and science.

growing fruit and veg with school children


Teaches Responsibility And Patience

Gardening is a lengthy process that requires patience and care. Most of the children will be excited to be responsible for something that they can call their own.

During the gardening process, the children will have to continuously care for their plants, even when they cannot yet see results. Similarly, the children will have to learn to be patient when waiting for their flowers, fruit or vegetables flourish.

Sunflowers are a great option when gardening with children. When growing sunflowers, children will notice a difference regularly and will be able to measure the height of the sunflowers on a regular basis. You can view the Discovering Days Sunflower Planter Set here.

Enriches Wellbeing

Gardening can improve physical and mental health in school children. Studies have found that gardening is an effective way to boost mental and emotional wellbeing. Plus, spending time outside amongst nature will help relieve anxiety symptoms in children and will help children relax.

The Discovering Days bench with planters is a fantastic addition to any playground. It provides a place for children to sit amongst the plants and flowers they have grown themselves.

Discovering Days Bench With Planters

Our bench with planters is popular amongst our customers. You can choose a solid high-quality bench and add two standalone planters on either side of the bench, or we can create a combined unit, which will include a bench with planters attached.

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