If you’re looking for bespoke playground equipment for your school or nursery, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Discovering Days, we design and manufacture a wide range of wooden playground equipment. We also create bespoke options. If you have a design in mind and would like to bring it to life, we can help.

In this blog, we’re going to look at the need for bespoke playground equipment. We’ll outline how bespoke equipment can make the perfect addition to your schools’ playground.

The Need For Bespoke Playground Equipment

Our wide range of standard wooden playground equipment includes everything from Mud Kitchens and Sandpits to Outdoor Classrooms. But if you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, you may decide to opt for something bespoke.

We have worked with numerous schools up and down the country who request bespoke playground equipment. There are various reasons why you may need bespoke equipment for your school playground.

For example, the playground may lack space or may have smaller areas that aren’t reaching their full potential. To make the most of your space, you may require tailormade playground equipment that fits your exact measurements.

If your school is a Special Educational Needs school, or if you have children with disabilities at your school, you may be looking for bespoke playground equipment that is accessible to those with wheelchairs.

Or perhaps your school playground or an area of the playground is themed. A fairy-tale theme or nature theme, for example. If the playground has been designed to match a specific theme, you may be struggling to find playground equipment that fits with the theme.

bespoke playground equipment for nurseries


Alternatively, you may simply have an idea for a climbing frame, wall activity or playhouse but you can’t find one that’s similar to what you had in mind.

You can discuss any ideas you have with the team at Discovering Days. We will do our best to create the perfect playground equipment for your school.

Bespoke Playground Equipment vs Standard Playground Equipment

You also have the option to modify our existing playground equipment. All of our standard wooden playground equipment is designed and manufactured at our workshop in Lancashire. And many of our pieces are made to order. So, you can put your spin on it.

For example, rather than just opting for a Mud Kitchen, you may prefer a workbench that can easily be adjusted so it doubles as a mud kitchen and a builder’s tool bench.

You might want an outdoor classroom designed to your measurements and painted to match the colour scheme of the school. Or perhaps you’d like to create a playground picnic area using a variation of our tables and seating.

You can explore our range of wooden playground equipment here.

Manufacturing Our Bespoke Playground Equipment

At Discovering Days, we design, manufacture, deliver and install our playground equipment. Whether you opt for something standard, something adapted or something completely custom-built, you can be sure our products are high in quality.

All of our playground equipment is made using Scandinavian Redwood. Scandinavian Redwood is a sustainable source that’s known for its durability and longevity.

We reinforce all of our equipment to ensure it can support everyone, including adults. And we sand the timber to avoid splinters. Safety is our biggest concern here at Discovering Days. Although we don’t have to, we comply with EN1176 Playground Equipment Standards to make sure our equipment is perfectly safe for children.

We also treat the wood with a high-pressure vacuum process to provide long term protection against wood decay and insect attack. This protects your playground equipment for up to 60 years!

playground equipment to suit children of all ages

Get In Touch

If you are looking for high-quality bespoke playground equipment, we can help.

Our wide range of wooden playground equipment is made with love and care to ensure the utmost safety and durability. We also pride ourselves on meeting all playground equipment safety standards.

You can contact us here for more information or you can call us on 01282 416 755 to discuss any of our products.

Our staff are all fully trained in the design and manufacture of wooden play equipment for children and are experts in understanding what works best in the space you have. We have worked with a range of schools in the past and understand the challenges that come with creating playground equipment for children of all abilities.

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