Play Groups

Outdoor play equipment for the very young

Stimulating play, fun and engagement

Sustainable solid wood

Safe designs for young children

No sharp edges or splinters

Buy direct, most products simple to install

unique wooden playhouses for schools and nurseries

Story Time Chair and Benches

unique wooden playhouses for schools and nurseries

Sliding Lid Sandpit

Play Groups and Play Schools

A range of our products are very suitable for the pre-school play group age of children.

Our designs take into account that Play Groups are informal, concentrate on structured play rather than formal teaching, often provide part time child care in a play environment where children are able to learn communication and social skills.

Our products are built to a size suitable for this young age of child to encourage safe communal play. Your children are considered as we design and build our products, will it be too tall, too wide, can they climb easily, sharp edges are removed.

Easy to Buy

As the majority of play groups are privately owned, run by a charity,  or local consortium, purchase by card on our website is the easy option to buy from us. We don’t need purchase arrangements as we might with schools.

If you need help and advice on any of our products as to how suitable an item might be for the really young, please pick up the phone and talk to us.

Made with Care

Each and every product is lovingly crafted from sustainable Scandinavian Redwood and treated with heat and pressure, rather than harsh chemicals. This allows the wood to withstand insects, the great British weather, and enthusiastic play!

You don’t need to worry about the children getting splinters – all the timber pieces used are sanded and smooth. Plus, many of our final products meet the national EN1176 safety standard.

We thoroughly check each structure to make sure there are no gaps that fingers or toes could get trapped in and that there is nothing for clothes to snag or tear on. All our crafted wooden products are made locally in our Burnley workshop.

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