Play Huts and Houses

These play huts and houses from Discovering Days provide an excellent indoor and outdoor space for children to play, learn, and relax, perfect for schools and nurseries. The possibilities really are endless.

Outdoors make your lessons special and fire their imagination by teaching physics, biology, art, or maths, sheltered from the elements, or let the children relax and enjoy each other’s company during play and break times. 

Indoors they can be decorated with cushions, fairy lights, or curtains to make a cosy reading nook or a chill out zone. Blackout blinds can be used to make the hut into a relaxing area for children with ASD who need a safe, quiet space to unwind and calm down. You can buy directly on this website.

Because we make everything in our Lancashire workshop we can tailor products to suit your requirements and budget. Unless specified, all our playground equipment comes fully assembled and requires no installation. All you have to do is order and relax.

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