Understanding the World Playground Equipment

Our ‘Understanding the World’ playground equipment for schools and nurseries lets children use their imagination to the fullest by giving them fun, safe play apparatus.

Make believe and imagination is such an important part of understanding the world. It is where children develop their personal, social, and emotional skills by learning to communicate with each other, negotiate, and share. It is also where they get to test out all those everyday activities that we take for granted, like cooking a meal. 

Here at Discovering Days we have been making playground equipment for councils around the country for decades, so you can be assured our products are value for money and safe.

Because we make everything ourselves you can customise any product you want to suit your pupil’s needs, whether that be the dimensions, functionality, or even colours. All you need to do is get in touch.

You can also buy directly through the website. Everything is delivered full assembled and most of our products don’t require installation. Those that do are delivered with all the necessary bits to do the job.

Have a browse of our products.

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