Freestanding Exercise Balance Trail Set 7

£1,369.00 exVAT

Freestanding Exercise Balance Trail Set 7 that consists of 1 x Step Up Ramp and 2 Inclined Balance Beams


Vital Information about the Freestanding Exercise Balance Trail Set 7

  • No installation required
  • No assembly required
  • Free standing and moveable
  • Low height means no safety surfacing required

This Three piece set is made up of 2 inclined Balance Beams and our new Step up Ramp.

The Step Up Ramp enables children to scramble over the grass covered ramp, or walk up the outside steps.  The Ramp is designed so its own weight stops it from toppling over.  Combined with the 2 Balance Beams this set is a greater starter kit that can be added to at a later date.

All our pieces are hand made and we ensure each item is smooth and splinter free, and that no little fingers, hair or anything else can become trapped.

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Additional information

Weight1 Unit

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