Wooden Sand Table with Lid

£665.00 exVAT

Sturdy wooden sandpit with lid, provides fun activities in the sand


Vital Information about the Wooden Sand Table with Lid

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Hardwearing, safe and accessible
  • Perfect for easy sand play
  • No assembly required
  • Health and Safety checked
  • Splinter free

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Kids love sand play and the Sand Table with Lid makes it easy for all!

Children and sand, it’s a successful pairing that probably goes back hundreds of years. Why does sand play matter so much?

Children like to dig away at sand, to pour it, run it through their hands, and build with it.

They love the feel of it, and the way it constantly shifts, collapses, and can be put back together again in many different forms.

It appeals to their natural curiosity and helps get their imagination working. Sand play is open-ended, so kids learn how to define their own limits and draw on their own resources to make the most of it.

The Sand Table with Lid combines the timeless attraction of sand play with the convenience of a practical piece of playground equipment for nurseries.

Our neat design combines a solid, raised wooden table structure with a display area for plenty of sand, turning it into a sensory, tray-style activity piece.

The other key advantage is that it comes with a durable lid, so when you don’t want to use it for sand play, it can provide a creative space as a play area, or for creating art. The lid is also useful for when it rains to keep the sand dry.

 It’s more versatile than a conventional sand pit, and both easy for the children to access and use, and for supervising adults to keep tidy.

The lid is made from durable buffalo board that is also useful for when it rains and you want to keep the sand dry.

It perfectly complements other outdoor play furniture, such as our Large Storage Bench.

Sand not included.

We strongly recommend you place the Sand Table with lid on safe, level surface.

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