Wooden Activity Table

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Wooden Activity Table


Vital Information About the Wooden Activity Table  

  • Versatile  square wooden activity table
  • Perfect for storing in school playgrounds
  • Suitable for Early Years and Key Stage 1
  • Perfect for any and all abilities
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • No installation required

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This wooden playground table is a must for any school playground or nursery.

Seat children round it for a picnic, or outdoor lessons to make learning come alive. Or, let children use their own imaginations as they have dinner parties, play board games, create works of art, or even just have a chat.

Having a social space like this in a playground will facilitate the development of language skills as children sit down together to share break time.

It is solidly made of Scandinavian Redwood, which is well known for its durability, and thanks to our non-toxic, high pressured treatment, will withstand wet British weather, boisterous children, and even insect attack.

It can be painted, but we prefer to let the wood’s natural beauty shine through.

We deliver the wooden playground table fully assembled, and it requires no installation, so you just set it down and let the kids enjoy it.

The wooden playground table really is a must for any school or nursery.

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