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Amazing Sandpits

Just have a look at our amazing sandpits for playgrounds! Perfect for schools and nurseries!

These sturdy and solid sand pits will keep your playground sand clean and contained. Some even double as a stage!

You can choose from a sliding lid or a drop on lid. The large sliding lid sandpit can even be used as a stage or bench when closed. It really is a versatile sandpit for a playground.

They are the perfect addition to any nursery playground or key stage one area.

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Why Have A Sandpit In Your Playground?

Young children love playing in sand-it’s a fact!

Wet sand squishing through little fingers is a delightful feeling. It reminds us of the seaside! Wet sand is the perfect modelling material. Watch with joy as your pupils build a mighty fortress, a secluded village, a monster’s lair or even a little home for themselves.

Dry sand is a different kettle of fish all together. Kids will love dragging sticks and stones through the dry sand to make a pattern, placing grass and daisies on top to for a picture, or simply letting is flow through their fingers.

And with a fantastic wooden sandpit for your playground, you can decide if the sand is wet or dry!

Keeping It Clean

As fun as it is, sand is hard to keep clean and dry. It’s not long before it’s soaked and full of leaves, and animal waste. The Discovering Days sandpits come with lids to protect this more versatile of play stuff throughout the year.

Crafted With Care

We take the utmost care in all our wooden playground equipment. We build exclusively with Scandinavian Redwood, famed for its sustainability and durability. Because we want your playground sandpit to look its best for many years, we treat them with a chemical free, high pressure treatment. This protects the wood from the effects of weather, insects, and enthusiastic children.

We safety check all our products to ensure no splinters can occur and fingers or toggles cannot become trapped in any mechanisms. What’s more, we hand finish all our products in our workshop in Burnley. We will deliver your sandpit fully assembled so all you have to do is enjoy it!

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