Manufacturing Our Wooden Playground Equipment

Where Do We Make The Wooden Playground Equipment? 

Our workshop is where we create our wooden playground equipment, and where the magic happens!

Based in Burnley, Lancashire, our workshop is a hive of activity. It’s here that our bespoke and off the shelf products are handcrafted for schools and nurseries all over the country.

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Andy and Dave set up Discovering Days together because they care so much about providing high quality, safe, and economically sound playground equipment. Our outdoor furniture and playground equipment is specifically designed for schools, playgrounds, and nurseries.

To that end, we design and make all our products in our workshop. That way, we can control the quality, design, and safety features of all our playground equipment before we send it to schools.

How Do We Protect The Wooden Playground Equipment? 

We are committed to using high-quality materials because we know this is what brings value for money to schools. We understand budgets are squeezed, and procurement want excellent value and products that will last. So, we use Scandinavian Redwood that is famed for its durability and longevity.

By treating the wood, we can help future-proof it further. Our redwood timber undergoes a high-pressure vacuum process using the latest TANALITH preservatives to provide long term protection against wood decay and insect attack.

This process involves placing the timber into a vacuum-sealed vat and forcing the preservative into the wood at a high pressure. It protects the timber from rot for up to 60 years, so your wooden playground equipment can be outside for generations.

How Safe Is Wooden Playground Equipment? 

Discovering Days Outdoor Playground Equipment workshop

Because we tantalise our wood, it is perfectly safe for humans and is non-toxic. So, it is much better for little ones than plastics or heavily varnished wood.

Although we are not legally obliged to be accredited to EN1176, much of our equipment is compliant with the standard. We take the safety of your children and pupils very seriously, and the care we take testing our products reflects that.

We measure every nook and cranny in all our equipment to ensure the gaps are not large enough for fingers, clothes attachments, hair, or children, to get stuck in.  

Also, we reinforce most of our equipment so that we are sure even adults could use it and it would safely support them.

And we make sure all our wooden playground furniture and equipment is thoroughly sanded ad smooth, so there is no risk of splinters.

All our staff are fully trained and certified in the use of all workshop equipment. Our workshop machinery is compliant with the latest PUWER regulations for safety and precision.

How Is Our Playground Furniture Such Good Value? 

Discovering Days Outdoor Playground Equipment workshop

We design and manufacture all our products in house, so we pass on savings to you.

Unlike the bigger brands, such as YPO, we are able to provide quality wooden playground equipment for much, much less.

Plus, if you want something adapting, or custom-built, just let us know. We will be happy to work through your designs and bring your vision to life!

  • Using high-quality materials
  • Wood is treated and safe for humans
  • Our staff are fully trained
  • Full safety procedures in place
  • Machines and equipment certified
  • We control the manufacturing process, you deal directly with the manufacturer

Tell us what you need, we agree a design then get on and make it. Get in touch with us to find out more, or have a look at our shop! 

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