This week’s blog shines a spotlight on our marvellous mud kitchens. And why on earth not? (Did you get the link there?)

Our wooden mud kitchens form part of our premier range of playground toys and equipment for schools and nurseries and will keep all young children entertained for hours!

Playing in mud is an integral part of growing up and making mud pies is a joy no child should be without.

Yes, it’s messy but that is exactly what makes it so good! And having a specially designed mud kitchen for children to make their fabulous creations in, certainly stops mum and dad’s glossy white Formica from taking the hit!

So why are the mud kitchens at Discovering Days so good?

Well read on, you are about to find out!

Mud is Good!

Before we look at our wooden mud kitchens, we thought we would take a look at the benefits of mud.

That gloriously dark and sticky concoction of H2O mixed spectacularly with organic matter, minerals, gases, other liquids and organisms, or in other words, water and soil.

Or dirt.

Even the words sound good, don’t they? Like you just want to put your hands in, and you know, get dirty! Down your fingernails and up your sleeves. In your hair and up your nose, and definitely all down the front of your overalls!

And joy of joys, it is scientifically proven that playing in mud has excellent all-round benefits for kids, not least of all, helping to build up a stronger immune system in today’s over sanitized world.

It is true to say that having contact with dirt and germs builds up resistance to allergies and infection, and children who regularly get dirty just for the sheer fun of it are all round healthier than their super clean classmates!

So, what other benefits are there to playing in mud?

Well of course it’s fun, it’s stimulates creative thought, it inspires children to look at organic matter, and it encourages outdoor activity, meaning children get lots of fresh air and are learning about the natural world around us whilst having a great time with their classmates!

And one of the best activities when playing in mud is definitely, making mud pies!

Discovering Days Wooden Mud Kitchen

Wooden Mud Kitchen

Here at Discovering Days our wooden mud kitchens are the epitome of what it means to enjoy playing in mud.

From our manufacturing workshop in the heart of East Lancashire, we produce marvellous mud kitchens to suit any specification large or small.

From simple, singular designs to more intricate corner pieces that we will deliver and install on site for you as part of the full Discovering Days personal service.

We use only the best Scandinavian redwood which is ideal for making children’s play equipment, and we only use sustainable sources.

Well it would be particularly hypocritical encouraging young people to care about the environment then not respecting it ourselves don’t you think?

Our well-designed wooden kitchens offer lots of scope for children to play and learn.

You can have a choice of colour for the work top and depending on the size you choose for your wooden kitchen you can have 4 ‘hot plates’ on the stove and one or two mixing bowls for children to make their ‘pies’.

You can have shelves or cupboards for kitchen storage or indeed a variety of both, it really is up to you.

Discovering Days Bespoke Service

If you are looking for a real statement piece, or you have a large space to fill and you are looking for inspiration, then why not draw up your idea and give us a call? We manufacture and install bespoke project pieces and will work with you to fulfil your ambitions for the playground, ensuring the children will have years of fun ahead of them.

Our wonderful wooden toys are treated with the latest preservatives and are futureproofed against the harsh weather conditions in the winter and the bugs and warm sun in the summer. And don’t worry about the treatments being toxic, the products we use are the very latest in wood preserve and are perfectly safe for you and your children.

Have a look here at our manufacturing process for more information.

The Benefits to Social Development from our Wooden Mud Kitchen

We all know how the kitchen is generally the most sociable room in the house, and in schools or nurseries this is no different!

Children will love the idea of getting together with their friends in the wooden mud kitchen and having their own social gatherings.

This supports personal, social and emotional development and encourages children to work together to get results and have a good time.

The Wooden mud kitchen offers a perfect opportunity for let’s pretend play which stimulates the imagination and is perfect for overall wellbeing and development.

Contact Us

So, if you are thinking of ways to create a play area that encourages personal development, is great for health and wellbeing and is lots of fun, you can’t really go wrong with a marvellous mud kitchen from Discovering Days. You can contact us here for more information or you can call us on 01282 416 755 to discuss any of our bespoke or ‘off the shelf’ wooden playground equipment for schools and nurseries alike.


Our staff are all fully trained in the design and manufacture of wooden play equipment for children and are experts in understanding what works best in the space you have. We have products suitable for Early Learning, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, so why not contact us TODAY to have a chat about our wonderful wooden mud kitchens for schools and nurseries.

Oh and one other thing, rumour has it that the adults enjoy the mud kitchens as much as the kids… but don’t tell anyone!

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