Vital Information about the Mud Kitchen

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Hardwearing, safe and easy to use
  • Brilliant for getting messy and having fun
  • No assembly required
  • Some installation required
  • Health and Safety checked
  • Splinter free

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Mud is magnificent, and a mud kitchen is the perfect place for mud play!

There’s nothing quite like messing around with mud. The mud pie has lasted as a childhood favourite for years and there’s a good reason why. Playing with mud is simply glorious when you’re a kid.

While it’s true that they’re naturally drawn to mud, just as they are to puddles, kids can also learn a lot from mud play.

It makes them feel connected to the world around them. It also helps build their imagination, digging away and filling things up, and turning mud into something magical.

Having their very own Mud Kitchen gives this all a boost, adding that something extra to the mix, and making their mud play that much more stimulating and inventive.

Its sturdy construction means it can withstand whatever treatment it receives in the course of their activities, and it’s designed to be properly safe and stable.

The Mud Kitchen has a mixing bowl, four “hot plates” to slap the mud pies onto, and plenty of storage space underneath for toys, tools and implements.

Most kids love mud pies, but not everyone gets the chance to make them in their very own kitchen. It’s the perfect piece of playground equipment for nurseries.

Why not add-to with our Standard Workbench, to leave your play area buzzing with activity?

We strongly recommend you position the Mud Kitchen on safe, level surface, away from any areas you need to keep clean!

Buying And Payment

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  • Have a look at our purchase order page for all the helpful details
  • All items are delivered within 14 working days for a fee from £25 + VAT. Have a look here for more details.

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